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Welcome to Lemax Village Collectibles

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Welcome to Lemax Village Collectibles.

Your one-stop shopping source for all things Lemax.

When you think of Lemax village collectibles, think of Lemax Village Collectibles.

Our "imperfects" sale has begun!!  Before you order any imperfect items, please read and HEED the rules and regulations located in the "About Us" area of this web site.
No refunds, no exchanges, and no exceptions.

We just added a few new imperfect items, and we'll continue to add them as they manifest themselves.  Check back every so often to experience the thrill of the hunt!

Lemax recently retired over 300 items, including some real shockers (e.g., item #44243).  To see all the newly retired items that we still have in stock, type "newly" into the search box in the upper left-hand corner of the home page.  Then press Enter.

Please note we now ship via FedEx Ground instead of UPS Ground.


Jolly Roger

All orders over $350 receive free shipping within the continental United States via ground service.

All orders over $350 also receive a gift of Lemax items (our choice) valued between $22.50 and $30.00!

Starburst - Carnival Series

We are proud to offer nearly 2,000 houses, figurines, accessories, classic sets, and special items! You will find virtually every Lemax item in current production and hundreds of items that have been retired! Come inside and take a peek!

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