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Lemax Spooky Town Figurine: Spearman

Lemax Spooky Town Figurine: Spearman

SKU: 82486

Spearman is a great figurine in the ancient Egyptian Spooky Town series. This fearsome warrior guards the royal court. He pairs well with his buddy, The Swordsman, Lemax item #82487. Together, they let no one through to see the Pharaoh! Spearman, from the Spooky Town series, will look great in your Lemax Halloween village. This Lemax village figurine will also coordinate with other Halloween villages in the same scale, such as Department 56 and Carole Towne. Add this Lemax village collectible to your collection today!

Dimensions in inches
Height: 2.80
Depth: 1.60


PRICE:  $1.99
Production Status: 


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